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Eternal Essence
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Eternal Essence is a Game on PC, Turn-Based Collectible Card CCG , New free and Multiplayer .

Eternal Essence was created by three passionate gamers in search of the perfect card game .

The (Almost) Perfect Card Game

- Highly strategic, Incredibly well balanced, Unparalleled Counterplay, and Very limited RNG

- Completely original Mana System which makes gameplay interesting from the first turn until the last

- Easy to get into, thanks to a beautiful tutorial/prologue gameplay, ample free card packs and daily bonuses

- Truly Free-To-Play! We’re committed to giving players the cards they need and the creative freedom to build any deck you can imagine

A multitude of ways to play - There are four different creature types which can be combined in limitless deck strategies. Maybe you are the type who likes to go face, or do you prefer to create the perfect combo. Perhaps you enjoy control decks, or maybe you’re the scum who rejoices in milling your opponents. Discover these and many more strategies that await you.

Easy to get into - Learn the basics by playing through our extensive tutorial/prologue singleplayer. Hone your skills against our challenging AI or in Unranked mode, and expect tons of free card packs as well as daily and weekly bonuses to help you bolster your collection.

Finely Balanced - Tired of your games being decided by the RNG gods… so were we, that’s why you’ll find far less RNG in Eternal Essence than other card games out there, making it supremely balanced. You’ll need to trust your judgement, not your luck, if you are to be victorious. And we will be diligent in our balance adjustments every month to ensure a great experience for everyone.

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