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Hoppia Tale
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Hoppia Tale is a Game on Android , Action Adventure , New free and Multiplayer .

Hoppia Tale is an action-adventure game that you can play with one hand. Mixing old classics like Zelda , Goof Troop and Bomberman , it brings a brand new experience on mobile .

The inhabitants of Hoppia live around mysterious portals built by an old society and for long, these have been used to travel to other worlds .

For centuries, everything was in perfect balance, but a discovery on the fields around the capital of Hoppia broke the harmony of the entire universe. An evil force is trying to replicate the portal's technology to invade the city .

Game Features :

- Travel through amazing worlds with a unique character customized by you .

- Play levels made by other players and build your own in Workshop .

- Challenge your friends in a global dispute on Time Attack mode .

- Build a cozy home and visit your friend’s houses .

- Tons of clothes and accessories.

- Rides .

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