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PC Futbol Stars
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PC Futbol Stars is a Game on Android , Action Sport , New free and Multiplayer .

Get ready for PC Futbol Stars champions football league, choose your team or national colours and play massive tournaments with players coming from PC and mobile versions .

Your objective is to grow as a player and win every match in the different tournaments and events, or play 1 to 1 games or play offline against bots. You can even try to win every match in Russian event for the world event tournament .

This free football and soccer game is very intuitive to play , just enter into the field like a soccer tabletop with bottle caps teams and move them to play in the international World Cup .

Game Features :

- Free game to play with friends in tournaments , all skill based

- Play with your team of bottle caps several events and tournaments, get new coach, get amazing gear and equipments and become world champion

- Multiplatform game, play versus mobile or PC users

- Best game for all people who like games for kids or free sports games playing casually .

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