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Monster Battles Portals
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Monster Battles Portals is a Game on PC, Collectible Card CCG , New free and Multiplayer .

Monster Battles Portals is a free-to-play collectible card game. Collect and Evolve your Monsters and become the Ultimate Monster Trainer .

COLLECT & EVOLVE - Collect and Evolve monsters from 9 different elements (water, fire, earth, plant, wind, mystic, dragon, electric and mech!) each of them with unique abilities, names and voices .

CHALLENGES - Travel around this magic world and battle against other champion Trainers to unlock magical Badges and win special rewards .

ONLINE TOURNAMENTS - Play Online against other Trainers around the world, compare your scores and rankings with your friends .

STORY - "Monster Battles - Portals" offers a never ending single player campaign which will put your Monster Training to test, combine your elements and battle through countless missions! And remember: Power is the Key of the Monster .

TOURNAMENTS & RAIDS - Join a Gym and play against powerful Monsters with your friends to get exclusive Rewards .

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