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BattleSpace is a Free to play, strategy sci-fi flash MMO Game designed to play in the comfort of your web browser.

„In this free online strategy game, you step into the role of an Admiral, building a solar system in the depths of a faraway galaxy. Every player starts in their own Union, or guild, with the option of banding together and creating an interstellar empire. Play solo, PvE, PvP, as a combatant or gatherer - or all of the above! The options are limitless once you entire deep space. The ultimate goal is to conquer the Giant Planet before the season's ends, but with so many ways of getting there, BattleSpace tailors to all playstyles.

Players who are overwhelmed by the amount of time classic MMOs demand will be delighted by the hands-off approach of real-time flash games. This no-download MMO continues to accrue resources, finish construction projects, and perform research while you're away! A successful solar system only requires logging in for mere minutes each day.”

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