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Spiritwish is a Game on Android , Role-Playing RPG , New free and Multiplayer .

Are you the almighty upfront tanker type ? Or perhaps a ranged attacker or supporter from behind ? Maybe a Melee ? In Spiritwish, you can be all three at once ! Prepare for battle .

- Control Multiple Characters in an Epic MMORPG - The more the merrier! In Spiritwish, you can control three characters simultaneously . Assemble the ultimate team and venture forth .

- Live This Epic Tale of Heroes Becoming Legends - Join a rag-tag band of heroes as they follow in the footsteps of the Three Gods, battle for control of an ancient power, and defend the land of Kaleva against a looming evil .

- Adventure with a Memorable Cast of Heroes - A vast continent full of colorful characters . Mix and match party members with unique skills and specialties to explore the world of Spirit Wish your way .

- Tackle Exciting and Original Missions - Daily Dungeons hold vital materials—but you'll have to fight for them . Test your luck in the Daily Dungeon for tons of fun and incredible rewards .

- Enter the Onkalo Dungeon, a Nine-Character Challenge - The Onkalo Dungeon is an endless labyrinth . Form a team of nine characters and see how far you get .

- Gather a Party and Take On Co-Op Raids - It's dangerous to go alone! Group up and push your skills to the limit . Assemble a party and challenge a variety of missions at different difficulty levels .

- Create Your Own Combat Strategies - Tacticians wanted! Dozens of character combinations mean tons of complex strategies . Build your own team and craft the ultimate battle plan .

- Play and Chat One-Handed with Vertical Mode - This easy-to-use mode allows you to play your way . Vertical! Horizontal! Spiritwish does it all .

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