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EverMerge Merge Puzzles
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EverMerge Merge Puzzles is a Game on Android , Puzzle New and free .

Discover a world where favorite fairy tales and stories merge together for one whacky merge world! In this land, every combo is bigger than the next and there is a surprise character waiting in every merge.

Hidden under a fog is the magical world of stories where a new item is discovered in every merge. Combine hair brushes to collect Rapunzel, merge boots to see Puss evolve, and find other magical items to merge and morphe into your favorite storybook characters. The fairy tale story characters are just the beginning! There is candy to collect, dessert quests with sweets to make, and magical castles to build. Leave no merge or quest unturned! It’s a big world out there, and you’ve got all you need to merge and build in one magical land .

The more resources you match, the bigger and more powerful the merge! Clear the fog of the kingdom by merging combinations of resources and reveal magic much greater than your average match puzzle . Fun comes in threes and fives .


- Magic quests and tasks in a fairy tale world

- Collect and Combine to build houses, castles, candy trees, flower baskets, and MORE

- Complete character craft quests to make recipes and earn wand rewards

- Meet Sleeping Beauty, Puss N Boots, Sinbad, and MORE

- Play in special events like Gnome Rush and more

- Collect daily rewards - gems, coins, merge resources, treasure chests

- Harvest wheat and other resources to use in merge strategy

- Each character comes from a unique merge

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