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Battle Arena
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Battle Arena is a Game on PC , Action 2D Sci-Fi Shooter , New free and Multiplayer .

Battle Arena is a multiplayer , immersive 2D Sci-Fi shooter . The Game will immerse you in the world of space battles! Here everyone will find a weapon to their taste .

The game has 12 different weapons, 5 characters, as well as 10 different sights .

You will have to fight with other players for the right to be the first . The winner is the one who gets the most points . Arrange dynamic battles in a game where 9 people confront you .

Dodge shots, or grenade explosions and hit opponents with your skills to shoot to kill . The intense battle in this game takes place on a large space map , on which there are various bonuses in the form of replenishment of health or cartridges . Use them wisely . Come and prove that you are the best .

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