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Eternal Magic
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Eternal Magic is a Game on PC , Role-Playing MMO , New free and Multiplayer .

Eternal Magic is an MMORPG for the PC . It has a MOBA PvP mode , various PvE dungeon difficulties, and various social aspects .

Game Features :

-Five skill categories for each class offers deep customization.

- Robust PvP options, including classic modes like capture the flag and zone control, plus 10v10 guild wars, MOBA matches, and massive battles featuring up to 80 players.

- Challenging PvE that scales and gets more interesting as you gain levels, from classic dungeons, to heroic and then chaos dungeons, plus daily quests and dynamic events in the open world.

- Attend a wedding or have a statue built in your character’s honor, plus many more special social activities.

Classes - Knight, Gunslinger, Spellblade, Priest, Mage, Assassin

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