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Carte is a Free to play, Turn Based ,Trading Card MMO Game featuring addictive gameplay.

In Carte each player begin with starter deck of 65 cards that are composed of: one Hero card, 4 Tarot cards, and 60 regular cards, with 16-20 of these cards typically being shards. A quick paper, rock, or scissors decides which opponent goes first then the match has been initiated. Creatures make up most of the army decks and come with a wide variety of abilities and stats, and can be played into attack or defense zones. Heroes are a big component in decks, as they often get into the thick of things themselves, all heroes have several powerful ability options and can only use one ability per game. When the hero’s HP drops to zero, it is game over, also victory conditions such as “decking” are also present.

Creatures placed in the attack zone are able to declare attacks on any creature or hero on the board and the one (creatures) place in the defense zone can use their combat action to “defend” for any creature or hero, including ones placed in attack zones. All the matches are taking place into a virtual table top battlefield which is divided into several zones.

Overall the game "Carte" is a interesting choices when it come to waste some time in a pleasant manner, it do not have top graphics but compensated by high number of strategic choices present, posible and ready to take.


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