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Golden Knights Universe
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Golden Knights Universe is a Game on Android , Role-Playing Action , New free and Multiplayer .

COLLECT POWERFUL HEROES - Over 200 heroes with unique skills and equipment. Collect and power up heroes that best suits your strategy and build the ultimate Golden Knight army .

MASSIVE STORY CAMPAIGN - Battle your way through over a hundred stages to protect the kingdom from being overrun by mysterious monsters .

EPIC BOSS BATTLES - Challenge powerful bosses of five different attributes. Their attacks are unpredictable and ruthless but a grand prize will be granted to the victorious .

INTENSE PVP BATTLE - Want to know if your Golden Knight army is strong enough to reach the top of the ladder? Go face to face with top players at the Arena .

- BUILD YOUR TOWN - In order to build an army, you need to establish a stronghold. Gather gold by slaying monsters and construct facilities that will power up your army .

- GUILD WARS - Team up with your friends and create a guild. Battle other guilds and capture domains that produce valuable resources .

STRESS RELIEVING AUTO MODE - Growing your army in Golden Knights Universe is no easy task. That’s why we prepared an auto mode that will make the process of leveling up less troublesome .

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