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Idle Wasteland Tap Survival
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Idle Wasteland Tap Survival is a Game on Android , Idle clicker , New and free .

Crawl through the rads , craft loot in the wasteland, tap to survive and carve out a shelter in the apocalypse in this unique Idle RPG . Allocate skill points , collect hundreds of atomic items and prestige your way across 6 zones in Idle Wasteland: Tap Survival .

This is a Wasteland RPG idle game like you’ve never seen . Battle monsters, craft equipment, tap to upgrade and carefully choose your abilities to survive the apocalypse. Tap to attack , capture rare idle creatures and use your abilities to scour the wastelands and defeat massive mutant menaces of mayhem .

Idle Wasteland : Tap Survival Features :

Survive the Apocalypse

- Idle & dig up scrap

- Craft rad resistant gear

- Rads have mutated the wastes

Battle Monsters

- Battle monsters to craft rare loot

- Tap to survive idle monster attacks

- Use your Abilities Carefully

- Evolve yourself using rads

Craft Gear

- Mine scrap to build rad resistant armor

- Collect items to craft new idle weapons

- Craft components for epic loot to survive

Idle Action

- Play as much or as little as you like

- Your hero keeps leveling up offline

- Upgrade to survive

- Return to tap and collect the loot and riches .

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