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Sugar Blast
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Sugar Blast is a Game on Android , Puzzle New free and Multiplayer .

Candy lover Maple is dreaming of all of the sweetest treats. Help her match the candies to complete challenges and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time! Treat yourself to hundreds of fun, confectionary-filled levels with different goals – crush crispy toffee, collect sugary sweets, and unwrap creamy chocolate eggs .

Playing is easy ! Tap groups of matching candies to clear them. Four or more candies makes a powerful Choco candy that clears a whole bunch of candies at once! Combine matching Chocos to make a new, more powerful Choco. Strategically set off chains of chocos to clear the board and complete your challenge! Piece of cake .

Game Features :

- Easy to pick up and play any time you need a little treat.

- Blast candies to solve puzzles

- Tap matching candies to blast them and more candies rush to fill their place.

-Combine more candies at once to create more powerful & tasty boosters

- Every move introduces exciting strategic possibilities and unexpected surprises

- Play thousands of decadently fun levels

-Take on different level types.

- Need some help? That’s what boosters are for

- Level up and win rewards like boosters and infinite lives

- Win multiple levels in a row and start with Chocos in play.

- Take part in sweet limited time events!

- Team up with friends and other players – an easy way to earn free lives, free coins, and take part in more events .

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