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Hero Park
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Hero Park is a Game on Android , Simulation RPG , New and free .

Hero Park , the place where magical unicorns lure heroes into big adventures just to take away all their gold . This is the story of you and your unicorn .

Five years after the Great War , the old war hero and his faithful unicorn return to their home village and find that not a stone is left standing on another. The village is empty and the once glorious dungeons are now abandoned. The decision is clear , the village must be rebuilt, new monsters bred and the dungeons populated again .

Create the perfect illusion of an adventure village with busy blacksmiths, bustling taverns, and glorious dungeons with monsters bred by you. Meet fascinating characters who want to join you and use their skills to lure the hero's gold out of their purses. Make Hero Park what it used to be: the most magnificent village in the kingdom .

Game Features :

- More than 100 fabulous characters; heroes, shop keepers, vampires, unicorns and more

- Design your village according to your wishes and automate your production

- Breed monsters and shape them according to your needs

- Immerse yourself in the magical world of elves, humans and dwarves

- Experience the exciting story of an old war hero and his unicorn

- Solve exciting quests and loot valuable treasures...

- ... and stop your unicorn from eating away everything .

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