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League of Duel
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League of Duel is a Game on Android , Card Strategy , New free and Multiplayer .

League of Duel is a mature PVP card game , it brings the official rules , characters and gameplay to players . Easy to learn rules and simple controls for beginners, engrossing and rewarding gameplay for veterans . Duelists from all around the world are gathering here to win the Duel King title .

Game Features :

- Hundreds of Monsters - Dragon Monster, Fairy Monster, Warrior Monster, different kinds of Monsters are in League of Duel now! Summon your strongest Monster to defeat your opponent .

- Real-time Battle - Duel with real players from world, or duel with actual friend in the game. Several kinds of battle for you to play .

- Build your own Deck - Various of Decks are available! Dragon deck, Spell-caster deck, Warrior deck, etc. You will find your favourite deck in League of Duel .

- Spell & Trap - Spell card and Trap card will increase more mechanism and delight of battle, use spell card to summon your strong monster and reverse the situation of the battle .

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