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iHero Battle
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iHero Battle is a Game on Android , Strategy New , free and Multiplayer .

Control your heroes movements, set up your tactics, and overpower your opponent with powerful special and vengeance attacks . Heroes positioning and manoeuvring will help you dodge traps and grab orbs to destroy enemy fortress. Saving good cards til last can surprise your enemy on the battlefield in iHero BattleRush your Heroes to Victory .

With ultra-low latency Live PvP battles, iHero BattleRush your Heroes to Victory opens up a whole new level of eSports mobile games .

Game highlights :

- Command each of your Hero's movements and outmaneuver your opponent to destroy their fortress first . Activate each Heroes' unique Hero Special Skill and Vengeance Skill to turn the tide on the battlefield .

- Original battle mode - Minions pushing + Map objectives!

- Swap your current cards on hand from your pre-set deck to change strategy .

- Counter relationships between 3 basic troop types, meaning there is no unbeatable deck or tactic .

- Factions of historical Heroes including Eastern Heroes from Three Kingdoms and Japan, Western War Heroes, and even mythical Eastern and Western Gods and villains .

- Various game modes including solo arena, weekly and seasonal rankings, and alliance tournaments .

- Form an alliance and compete with other alliances for fame and top prizes .

- eSports friendly - Replay and Spectator system, regular card-balancing maintenance with players feedback, making sure there is no overpowering elite Hero card .

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