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Last Battle Fukushimon
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Last Battle Fukushimon is a Game on Android , Arcade New and free .

Defeat Fukushimon the radioactive monster to protect the Earth . Days after the Fukushima nuclear disaster... The radioactive fruits opened their eyes, began to attack humans and the world. They were called by the name Fukushimon .

When everything was being destroyed by fearsome attack of Fukushimon... One car appeared and started to stop them . The last battle of the Earth begins .

How To Play :

- Touch and hold to shoot - Fire bullets at the monster in place while touching the screen. Defeat the monster by avoiding obstacles before using all your bullets .

- Earn coins to Upgrade - Upgrade fire power and ammo to deal more damage .

- Collect trophies and gems - Reach level 21 to collect trophies & red gems. Upgrade your skills with red gems to get powerful bonus effects .

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