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Pair Frenzy
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Pair Frenzy is a Game on Android , Match 2 Adventure , New and free .

A delightful match 2 adventure that will challenge your memory skills . Unleash your inner power and help Bluebell in this beautiful Kawaii brain-training game .

Pair Frenzy is a magical adventure where Bluebell , a little fairy of the forest , must solve puzzles to save her friends using her magic wand and your memory .

The evil crocodile wizard has cast a spell on Bluebell's friends and turned them into stone blocks . Using Bluebell's wand , you can turn two of the stone blocks at a time and break the spell if they are a match .

Exercise your memory while having lots of fun in this modern take on the classic Concentration card game. Learn new spells and meet new characters in Bluebell's journey, lots of fun and enjoyment guaranteed .

Game Features :

- Ways to play - Clear the Board, Time Limit, Limited Zaps, Gravity, and Infinite Blocks

- Goals - Find all pairs, Bring down the keys and Burst the bubbles

- New skills - Learn to dash

- Boosters - Dynamites, bombs and sand clocks will help you on your journey

- Spells - Magic mirror, Fireball, and Snowflake

- Enemies - Bats, Spiders, and Skull Blocks

Pair Frenzy's visual style has influences from the popular Japanese Anime and the cute Kawaii culture . Enjoy full animated cutscenes on Bluebell's epic journey .

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