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Idle Space Captain
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Idle Space Captain is a Game on Android , Role-Playing Clicker , New and free .

If you like idle space games , Idle Space Captain : Clicker RPG is perfect for you . Idle Space Captain : Clicker RPG is an incremental game that lets you captain an attack ship and shoot your way through the cosmos .

Start tapping to blow your enemies out of the sky in this idle clicker. Build attack drones, collect resources, customize your pilot, assign skill points, and explore space .

Game Features :

Idle Shmup Gameplay

- Idle to let your missiles fire and droids and fighter shoot for you

- Tap to shoot and earn currency

- Upgrade Your Captain: Earn currency and find fighters for your Fleet

Incremental Clicker Upgrades

- Click across space

- Captain new fighters to improve your shooting

- Evolve your strategy! Unlock special fighters to retake the galaxy

Upgrade Your Ship

- Position Your Ship: Catch Powerups to upgrade your ship & fighters

- Research special incremental abilities! Massive upgrade tree

- Rewards to permanently upgrade your ship are everywhere

Idle Space Exploration RPG

- Explore the reaches of the cosmos and earn currency when you're not playing

- Collect rare drones, fighters, and cosmetics

- An Idle mmo RPG, play alongside other players in realtime

Idle Space Captain : Clicker RPG is the perfect incremental space game for fans of clicker fun. Idle through the cosmos as your captain retakes the universe in Idle Space Captain : Clicker RPG .

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