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DragonSky Idle and Merge
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DragonSky Idle and Merge is a Game on Android , Idle Role-Playing , New free and Multiplayer .

No more stressful games ! High-quality idle RPG, DragonSky!

Game Features :

- Your own troop of powerful dragons

Combine dragons to get a legendary dragon

Use the powerful skills of legendary dragons to claim victory

Upgrade the dragons for an even more power

Form your team according to the attributes for added excitement

- Idle Shooting RPG

Crush the enemies with auto battle

Turning off the game won't stop the fight

Thirsty for some shooting actions?

Show off your skills with the Boss Battle

- Endless Contents to Enjoy

Compete against other users in the League Ranking

Defeat different Attribute Bosses every day

Cooperate with your Legion Members to eliminate the monster

Receive the goddess's protection to breakthrough .

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