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Maestia is a Free to play, 3D Fantasy, Role Playing MMO Game featuring epic battles and top notch graphics.

Maestia take places on some islands and on a small one approximately in the midle of the map where players have to collect seven powerful magical runes called Maestones, the goal is to collect them all, so that you can enter the Isle of Heaven and battle the evil in order to become the strongest player. The small island in the middle of the map is act like a central large town and also the places where you gonna spawn after character die.

In Maestia graphics of every level are top notch when it come to quality, the fantasy environment is meticulously designed, whether it is the dimly lit cavernous dungeons, the majestic interiors of palaces or the futuristic expanses of city plazas. The characters are life like and amazingly expressive. The animation sequences are fluid and use 3D enhancements to their full extent. The sound effects and music help to build the mood and place you in the thick of action. Every level is visually crafted to be uniquely different and is mapped out in an intricate manner. The menus and informative data are readily available and give key information at a glance.

Every character has their own special ability, a huge stock of weapons plus a wide range of skills to make sure they survive on the battlefield. The physical action and fight sequences in Maestia involve learning a lot of moves. The 3D game animation will keep you enthralled as you battle monsters and other enemies. The kind of weapons you wield and the type of moves you use, all have a bearing on the outcome of every encounter. In addition, the game also demands you to use your strategic skills to amass the right type of items for use in battles. You have an almost unlimited supply of skills to use, and you can develop the ones you feel are needed the most or you like.

Maestia, overall is fun to play and despite it is at the second release is still enjoyable and above average in any aspect of the game.



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