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Idle Tales
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Idle Tales is a Game on Android , Idle clicker , New and free .

The people of Amarna have not lived it and history has been lost with the passing of generations, but a few of us still keep it alive and hopefully will find a way to return our world to its original state ...

And now it's your turn, ..., use the "Manna" boat and find the 5 pillars that kept the world in balance .

Game Features :

- Manage your Idle to travel, discover new islands and fight incredible enemies in this unique adventure .

- Explore the islands in search of new magical creatures and discover the mini-games to get the precious Gems .

- Collects all the creatures of the 5 family (plantoids, aquoids, crustoids, furroids and metaloids), more than 40 creatures available with unique characteristics .

- Improve your pets levels .

- Fight against the Kraken and terrible creatures to advance in your adventure .

- Locate the chests and sunken boats with incredible treasures, and use your skill to achieve them .

- Look for the pieces on the map to expand your range and reach the ends of the ocean .

- Complete the special missions and unlock the pieces of your Story .

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