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Tap Tap Plaza Mall Tycoon
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Tap Tap Plaza Mall Tycoon is a Idle Game on Android , New and free .

In Tap Tap Plaza , you'll take on the role of a mall magnate on track to becoming the greatest in the world . Or even the universe, considering the astronomic profits you'll be making .

Open a slew of trendy stores and upgrade them to keep customers pouring in with open wallets! Don't forget to hire tons of hard-working employees, too, and train them up to be money-makin' machines!

Tap on the screen again and again to keep customers spending like there's no tomorrow, and watch as your stores become packed with passionate patrons .

However, customers love to complain, especially if they're kept waiting. Make sure to act quickly to meet their needs . To do so, you'll need to efficiently manage your stores and invest in creating a well-balanced shopping mall .

Of course, with your savvy and skills, this will all be as natural as breathing for you, and before you know it, your small selection of stores will grow into a large, luxurious shopping mall .

Game Features :

- Upgrade your lobby, stores, and employees to maximize revenue.

- Tap on the lobby to attract customers, and watch as both your stores fill up and the money comes flowing in.

- Tap on a store to keep your employees on their toes! Their performance will increase.

- Speed up time! Your shopping mall can operate over 2x faster.

- Recruit and upgrade a wide variety of employees.

- Promote employees to convert their talents into greater earnings.

- Invest in the research of dozens of different management strategies to increase your bottom line.

- Open fancier malls to earn more revenue and become the region's greatest business tycoon .

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