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Taern (or The Pride of Taern )
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Taern (or The Pride of Taern ) is a 2D Free to play, Browser Based, Role Playing MMO Game featuring tiny-sized characters but realistic scenes, non-linear questing and an exciting turn based combat.

Taern (or The Pride of Taern ) is a new browser based game from Whitemoon company and mixes elements from single player games in the setting and storyline. Taern is only 2D but compensates through a developed artistic style of the landscapes. Starting the tutorials, included in the bigining of the game, makes the game feels like some old school Role Playing games be not deceived the game is new it can be, it just adopt the old school style.

Battle against one or more enemies (dogs, rats, or other monsters) is on turns meaning a move you next move the opponent and so on, you always have several rounds in a battle, you can customize your strategy for each round within limited time and you only have 12 Action Point to divide into ranged defense, close defense, ranged attack, punch, throw, melee, or other attacks. You can set up moves and invest up to four points for each attack or skill.

Questing in the game brings moral choices to gamers such as stealing from others for another person, doing quests that may put you in danger, or even negotiating with people for others benefit. This is quite refreshing from the standard go and kill x amount of an enemy or gather y amount of items, it's nice to see this change of pace and hopefully this will be a bit contagious for other developers.

When you die (in the game) you are given several cards to try your luck to see what you will lose when you die (varies from losing a little gold and experience, or even an item) so if you are rather unlucky, die a bit while getting used to the game, and pick the wrong cards, you can end up with a rather bad day that may change your perspective of the game but Overall the game is quite fun and in some places is even original.



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