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TankDestruction is a New Game , Action Shooter , free and Multiplayer .

TankDestruction is a fast-paced multiplayer action game . Equip the abilities you wish to use, and join the battle on large-scale maps with up to 20 other players .

To win, capture the towers controlled by the enemy team - but be careful, as they are protected by powerful AI-controlled turrets which have to be destroyed first. Spend too long destroying them, and enemy tiger tanks will start to swarm all over you - they enjoy derping around, but they'll destroy you all the same .

When duelling other players, you rely on your speed to survive, so try not to crash into a tree! You'll look a bit silly (and a bit helpless) if you do .

TankDestruction is free to play. For those who wish to support the game, there is an option to purchase a premium account which provides cosmetic bonuses only, such as being able to equip different skins .

Protips :

- Destroy two or more turrets before attacking the tower .

- Driving faster will allow you to dodge bullets .

- Your bullets will automatically lock onto the closest target near the centre of your screen .

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