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MoChiPang is an Android Game , Trivia Puzzle , new and Free .

A long time ago, there was a Mochi Star in the universe. On the Mochi Star resided a group of Mochi, who led peaceful and happy lives. One day, a secret treasure fell onto the Mochi Star and triggered a large-scale invasion of alien clans who oppressed the Mochi residents. The Mochi fought bravely but were overpowered. Watching the weak Mochi residents fight fearlessly, the gods were touched and decided to go to Mochi Star to help them fight against all kinds of alien beasts.

Mo Chi Pang is a simple, relaxing, and therapeutic tile-matching game.

Happy Mochi and the gods they believe in fight against evil alien invaders.

With the help of Zeus, Thor, Mazu, Pinokami, and many other gods, players experience a whole new kind of fun.

While you fight against alien creatures, you can also collect all kinds of delicious candies, which you can use to summon the gods and strengthen their powers . How could the cute Mochi be bullied?! Join us to fight the evil aliens .

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