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The Last of Plague Survivor
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The Last of Plague Survivor is an Android Game , Action Shooter , new and Free .

The mourning of zombies resounds over the streets. Evil are hiding in the dark alleys . You will step into the darkness, kill zombies and try your best to survive till the end . How many days can you consist? Trust me, you know nothing about terror .

Game Features :

- Rich content and funny gameplay - Well created challenging maps, alleys, roofs, neighborhoods and other ten different scene areas, waiting for you to explore . A variety of game modes- guard mode, limited time survival mode, sniper mode, etc. Various types of zombies- horror zombie, police zombie, nurse zombie, zombie dogs, etc .

- Various weapons to select - Not only do you have a variety of firearms such as sniper rifles and auto rifles, but also a variety of melee weapons such as chainsaws and knives. Choose to shoot zombies remotely or to fight against zombies directly? Everything is up to you! A variety of combat props are waiting for you, and reasonable use is the key to victory .

- Smooth & realistic game experience - The experience of the real shooting feel and the fluent operation will definitely beyond your imagination . Real 3D sound effects, experience the thrilling experience when zombies whisper in your ear .

- Unique award system - A variety of game rewards are available to you: thegift packages to help you challenge success. Complete each level to win the rewards . Complete daily missions and get rich rewards to win awesome weapons which can help fight against zombies as soon as possible .

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