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Idle Zoo Animal Park Tycoon
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Idle Zoo Animal Park Tycoon is a New Game , Free Simulation on Android .

Build and manage the most adorable zoo of all time and become a rich zoo tycoon . Discover plenty of wild animals, rank them up for more profits and release them back into the wild to prestige. Assemble fossils and revive the most amazing extinct animals. Mammoth, dodo, saber toothed cat? Those are just a few you can revive. Play mini-games to bring to life some fantastic mythical animals! They will not only serve as mysterious attractions in your zoo, but also will help you to climb to the top in the multiplayer leaderboard .

Earn bonuses from visitors, serve hot dogs to increase profits and start a zoo party for extra cash! The fun doesn’t stop here; multiplayer features bring even more challenge to this idle game. Compete with other players all around the globe in weekly wars for rewards and trophies .

Want to learn more about the amazing animals in your zoo? There’s the animalopedia, which contains interesting facts about every animal in the game. Children, parents, grandparents… everyone can learn a new thing or two about the wild .

Game Features :

- MANAGE the cutest zoo of all time

- SIMPLE tap n' swipe to collect cash; spend it on awesome upgrades... more profits!

- MAKE MONEY even when you are offline

- RELEASE animals back into the wild to prestige

- REVIVE the most exciting extinct animals

- PLAY MINI-GAMES to unlock mythical animals

- SELL HOT DOGS to increase profits

- ZOO PARTY for extra cash

- HIRE ZOO SPECIALISTS for mega boosts

- GET BONUS stuff from visitors

- SPIN & WIN for exclusive bonuses

- VISIT ZOO CINEMA and be rewarded

- TONS OF ACHIEVEMENTS for you to discover

- ANIMALOPEDIA to learn interesting facts about the animals in your zoo

- EASY TO PLAY for the whole family

- PLAY WITH FRIENDS for profits boost

- WARS where players compete against each other for rewards and trophies

- DAILY REWARDS: come back every day and collect the reward. At the end of the calendar you will get a new animal

- NO INTERNET connection needed and only watch ads if you want .

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