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Thor War of Tapnarok
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Thor War of Tapnarok is a New Game , Free Action Clicker on Android .

Ascend as Thor The Viking God of Thunder , and get ready for an epic adventure in this Norse-themed action clicker . After the dust of Ragnarok has settled, Loki the God of Mischief has declared eternal war against Asgard . Wielding Heimdall's Crystal Staff, he has unleashed ferocious monsters and evil gods into the Nine Realms . Loki's vile forces are now at the gates of Asgard, and Tapnarok is almost upon us.

O heroic Thor, son of Odin , King of Asgard , the True Ruler of the Nine Realms - heed our call! It is your duty to defend your home from this monstrous invasion .

Game Highlights :

- Tap the enemy's weak spot to deal devastating damage

- Activate 10 fearsome skills to unleash Thor's explosive might

- Recruit 20 loyal allies and equip them with unique weapons

- Collect 37 mystical relics to harness unfathomable power

- Slay terrifying enemies such as Loki the Trickster God

- Summon the All-Father Odin to fight by your side

- Immerse in the myth and might of Thor, battles countless monsters with the help of viking, valkyrie , and even the All-Father Himself, Odin .

- The fate of Asgard is in your hands, hero. Dust off that ol’ Mjolnir, tighten your jockstrap, and defend the realms at all costs! To Valhalla .

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