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Brick Force
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Brick Force (BrickForce) is an free to play, First Person Shooter (FPS) MMO Game featuring a build mode where you construct the maps you fight on.

Brick force , what is truly is a some kind of interesting combination between Minecraft and Counter Strike with the ability to construct the maps you gonna fight, later on. Graphics of the game tend to be more inclined towards cartoony aesthetic style, a truly block based graphics, and building. You will actually be able to go into a sandbox mode (build mode) and use it to create custom areas (maps) that you can play through and share with everyone. I think, that more Shooter games should have some kind of way of creating custom maps by players, because in this way it would create a different perspective and dimension in the same game and potentially be more funny.

Movement and combat should feel familiar to anyone who has ever played a FPS (First Person Shooter) title, the weapons available to players are realistic in terms of weight and recoil, giving the play mode of the game depth. The left-mouse button shoots, the right-mouse button zooms in a sniper rifle, reload with the R-key and so on ... or you can remap to other keys you prefer.

Weapon balance have one major issue, sniper rifles are cash shop only items but are far more powerful than any other weapon in the game and since the movement, speed and cover options aren’t exactly precise, sniping other players is much to easy when everyones head is the size of of their body. This issue affects negatively the gameplay, a future patch could fix this mistake.

Overall, despite the weapon unbalance issue, Brick Force (BrickForce) still remains a pleasant and entertaining game to play.


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