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Farm Punks
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Farm Punks is a New Game , Free Action on Android .

Farm Punks is an ordinary fruit farm , if an ordinary farm were perched precariously atop a mountain and made money by shooting sentient fruit out of cannons .

Soar through mountain villages, traverse narrow valleys, discover fantastical environments, and most importantly sell your fruit before it expires .

Become the fruit magnate you have always dreamed of while navigating the beautiful semi-procedural levels, learning the simple controls, building your mountain-top fruit farm, and discovering more than 80 different fruit to play .

- Discover over 30 unique trees offering more than 80 different playable fruit

- Simple and intuitive swipe controls

- Complete over 200 fruit challenges

- Explore various biomes

- Original soundtrack and handcrafted audio

- Chain together outrageous trick combos

- Unlock speedy vehicles, grow your orchard, and upgrade your cannon to achieve record breaking distances .

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