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Solar Squad Space Attack
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Solar Squad Space Attack is a New Game , Free Arcade Shooter Multiplayer on Android .

HEROES IN NEED TO SAVE THE WORLD. Our world is being threatened by two different powers: space alien and human. This is the exact time for a third power to intervene and rescue the world from the infinite space attack.

Launch your aircraft and use your top-down shooting skills and powerful items to defeat those formidable enemies and become the HERO of our world.

Solar Squad Space Attack will strike you with an intense impression of the classic arcade shoot’em up spirit like Strikers 1942, Tyrian, Galaxiga but with modernized visuals and design. You will immediately come to love with the incinerating flame and bullets, colossal bosses and diverse aircrafts and skillful squad .

Game Features :

- Exciting campaign - complete challenging missions in more than 40 levels.

- Each has 3 levels of difficulty - Easy, Normal and Hard

- Perfect Aircraft - 4 different aircrafts with 7 supporting spaceships and tons of bullets and equipment to choose

- Powerful Bosses - the bosses will be much huger and more aggressive than you’ve ever imagined. Be prepared because they won’t let you relax for any moment

- Impressive Visual - Sick of one-color aircrafts and unrealistic designs?

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