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Bowmax is a New Game , Free Action Shooter Multiplayer on Android featuring an over 80 types of weapons, vehicles, and armor .

You think action games are hard to control ? Not anymore . Use the screen to aim and just lift your finger . You can play easily with just one finger .

Savor victory by winning in a 3vs3 multiplayer match

- Show your skills in this live 3vs3 multiplayer game against players all around the world.

The beauty of destruction! Enjoy the pleasure at your fingertips

- Strike powerful blows with the part destruction system for vehicles and armor

Get and upgrade new equipment

- Obtain new equipment and collect gold to upgrade equipment and get stronger

Use over 80 types of equipment with powerful special functions

- Combine various types of equipment such as weapons, vehicles, armor, and shields for a unique battle every time!

Constant expansion

- Look forward to new vehicles, weapons, armor, maps, events, and game modes that will be added!

Main Game Features :

- Easy to control

- A live 3vs3 multiplayer game that can be played with players all around the world

- Over 80 types of weapons, vehicles, and armor

- Open boxes to get new equipment or upgrade existing equipment!

- Rank in the weekly league to get rewards and bonuses .

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