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Fishdom is a New Game , Free Puzzle on Android featuring play with and take care of fish-all in one puzzle game .

Never Fishdomed before ? Take a deep breath and dive into an underwater world of match-3 fun with Fishdom , an all-new free game . Try challenging and fun match-3 gameplay with unique puzzles as you decorate aquariums to create cozy homes for lovely talking fish . Feed them, play with them, and watch them interact with each other. Hey, your finned friends are waiting for you, so dive in now and enjoy this amazing underwater adventure .

Game Features :

- Unique gameplay , swap and match pieces, design and decorate aquariums, play with and take care of fish-all in one puzzle game

- Play hundreds of challenging and fun match-3 levels

- Compete with other players to develop your aquarium even faster

- Explore an exciting aquatic world with funny talking 3D fish that each have their own personality

- Liven up fish tanks with breathtaking underwater decor

- Grab your scuba mask and enjoy amazing aquarium graphics

- No Wi-Fi or internet connection required to play .

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