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Minion Masters
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Minion Masters is a Free , Strategy Multiplayer Game in real time RTS , thats easy to pick-up but hard to master .

Minion Masters - engage in epic 1v1 or 2v2 battles, in this fast-paced strategic minion brawler that's easy to pick-up but hard to master . In Minion Masters there are many different Masters with unique hero abilities and you collect awesome minions like fierce demons, cute creatures , devastating spells and much more. Utilize your minions to destroy the enemy Master . When a minion has been summoned they can no longer be controlled, so place them wisely to win .

Game Modes :

- 1v1 - Fight against other players and see how far your skills can take you. The rank of Grandmaster awaits if you become one of the best!

- 2v2 - Join with your friend or queue up with strangers to take down other teams in this super intense 2v2 action. Twice the minions, twice the action!

- 1v1 Draft - Build your deck from a random selection of cards each run. You gain better rewards if you defeat more opponents, but be careful, 3 losses and you're out !

-- Mayhem - New crazy rules to try out every week

-- Expeditions - Rewarding and challenging journeys

-- Solo challenges - Hone your skills by practicing against AI Masters

Legendary Masters - Learning how to use your master’s abilities to their full potential and building your deck around them is crucial for victory! Each Master has their own unique personality and play-style, with opportunities for all kinds of strategies! Only the most determined players learn to use a Master to their greatest potential!

Unlock and Craft Mighty Minions and Spicy Spells!

Over 100 unique cards (minions, spells, buildings) with more being added all the time .

- Like the peace-loving Mana Puff, that gives you extra mana when it's happy - which is always .

- Or the Troubadour, who refuses to do anything but play his bagpipe, making all the other minions attack him regardless of what else is going on just to make it stop...

- Of course, you could also get the Undying Skeleton who comes back to life after you kill it .

Expeditions - New expeditions appear in the game all the time. Travel around the world of Minion Masters to explore new worlds, fight other players and defeat PvE challenges that lead to epic loot .

Game Features :

- 1v1 Ranked

- 2v2 Ranked

- 2v2 premade Ranked

- Draft

- PvE challenges

- 9 Masters

- 100+ cards/minions

- Events

- Active Community

- E-Sports scene

- Crafting system

- Ingame chat and emotes.

- Recurring stream event

- Master skins

- Custom arena skins.

- Replays

- Expeditions

- Rapid game updates

- Collect your own Arenas

- Season rankings

- Gorgeous 3D visuals that we are always updating and working on

- Pick one of a bajillion strategies

- Did we mention the Puffs? There’s even a King Puff .

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