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Mighty Pets & Puzzles
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Mighty Pets & Puzzles is a New Game on Android , Mobile Puzzle Game set in a world slowly being corrupted by evil forces .

Mighty Pets & Puzzles is a Match 3 Adventure set in a world slowly being corrupted by evil forces. Battle corrupted beasts in a lush Open World while gathering ingredients to craft meals for your trusty animal allies.

Game Features :

- Collect Pets - Dozens of cute pets to collect and upgrade, each with unique skills and traits

- Challenging Puzzles - Each enemy provides a unique, interesting twist to the board in Match-3 battles

- Beautiful World - Explore sprawling, detailed maps with dastardly enemies and challenging boss monsters

- Cook -Cook up a storm with gathered ingredients to feed and improve your hungry pets .

- Craft - Use materials you gathered from your journey to craft tools to use during battle

- Evolve - Help your pets grow stronger by evolving them and giving them new traits .

- Level Up - Increase your own hero level as you fight the corruption

- Achievements - Hundreds of achievements to work towards as you journey to find the source of the evil energy .

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