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Dungeon Blitz is a 2D Side Scroller, Browser Based MMO Game with Role-Playing elements.

Dungeon Blitz relies on a simple point and click aiming sistem and you can move around, jump or dodge with WASD keyboard keys. The gameplay is taken to extremes in its simplicity, the only concerns players have is to avoid enemy strikes and to intelligently combined the 3 spells avaible at some point.

In Dungeon Blitz you can be a paladin, rogue or mage class according to individual preferences, the customization options, while not impressive, provide a lot of fun alternatives to the bland standard template. Dungeon Blitz is based on dungeons meaning all NPC (non playable caracters) characters that give quests will send you into a dungeon almost every time, which in the end have a bad boss very hard to kill. There is an option to cooperate with other players to participate together in completing a difficult dungeon or to kill a stubborn final boss.

If your time is precious and you do not have much of it, to have fun by playing games, then Dungeon Blitz is the perfect choice for you, is quick as an ecstasy pill and give satisfaction in less than 10 minutes. You can have experiences, in this game, compressed into several tens of minutes more than in days compared with other games. Because of this fast and furious action paces, if you play more than a hour the game is becoming repetitive, boring and unpleasant experience and the repetitive gameplay is begins to become obvious. Highly recommended, in short bursts, for gamers lacking free time.

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