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Nood Climbrs
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Nood Climbrs is a Free Android , New Sport Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring charmingly simple and funny visual style .

In Nood Climbrs you control a noodley-limbed (and scantily clad) climber while they explore a carefully designed climbing wall , streak to new heights, and unlock outrageous new outfits .

Master the simple & unique climbing mechanic which challenges you to gain mastery over gravity and test the limits of your spaghetti-armed body !

Play the game however you’d like: create the silliest outfit possible to share with friends OR challenge yourself to climb to the top of the leaderboard OR discover all the silly poses of the secretive ‘Climbr-Sutra’ .

Features :

- Charmingly simple and funny visual style !

- A climbing mechanic that’s both silly and satisfying

- Collect over 200 risque accessories and customizations

- Discover all 20 back-bending poses of the Climbr-Sutra !

- Easily share your silliest outfits and poses with friends

- Push yourself to be the very best on the leaderboards !

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