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War Eternal
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War Eternal is a Free Android , New Strategy Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring 3 grand Civilizations .

The Path to Empire - You’ll start your journey in a kingdom with other lords and ladies, but it doesn't have to end there. Unite your kingdom under your banner - through shrewd politics, brute force, or a bit of both - then gaze outward, for there are always new lands to conquer. Face neighboring kingdoms in battle to determine whose banner will fly over them, and start building your empire .

3 grand civilizations to choose from ,

90 heroes pulled straight from legend

Limitless possibilities for fun .

This isn’t the history you’re familiar with. These aren’t the champions you know. This isn’t power you can buy. War Eternal is history in real time, and you have the power to determine the fate of a new and different world.

Key Features :

- A New World - You’ve been dropped into an unknown land where time seems to stand still and mysteries abound. Heroes and citizens alike have been pulled from across millennia with you, all vying for a place here .

- Legends come alive - 90 colorful heroes stand ready to serve you. Legendary generals and emperors of Ancient Rome, fearsome knights and kings of the European Middle Ages, and the epic warrior poets of Arabia all await your orders .

- 3 Grand Civilizations + More to come ! - Rich details and real history have been carefully woven into every layer of the game - whether its unique soldiers from history, architectural wonders, stories and legends, or real flags and symbols – each civilization features tremendous depth .

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