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Civilization War Last King
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Civilization War Last King is a Free Android , New Role-Playing Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring a vast field and world views .

Game features :

Lead one of 8 civilizations to overtaking the world !

- Choose one of 8 civilizations - Korea, China, Japan, India, England, Rome, Egypt or others;

- Soldier types, national treasures and traits vary according to the chosen civilization;

- From the Bronze to Middle ages and Renaissance! Develop a civilization that never ceases;

- Develop your civilization faster than the others and initiate a war of conquest !

Fierce war for taking over capital cities !

- Clash enemy’s cities with fierce attack! Combine forces with Alliances to win;

- Tactical war using infantry, archers, cavalry, artillery and other various types of armed forces;

- Make use of your civilization and army characteristics to benefit your military strategy.

Combine forces with civilization Leaders !

- Cleopatra, Gandhi, King Sejong or even Qin Shi Huang. Civilization Leaders now in the game!

- Use special characteristic skills of each Leader;

- Collect and develop your Leaders to imprison other civilizations Leaders.

Vast field and world views

- Start exploring from the mysterious world map full of enemies, and magical adventures ahead!

- Attack is the best defense! Fight other matching civilizations and win trophies;

- Challenge the never-ending hardships! Hardships overcoming mode .

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