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Jumping Master
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Jumping Master is a New Free 2 play, Action 2D Shooter Multiplayer Game .

Jumping Master is a casual competitive game fully merged with classic gameplay of mushroom game . Based on the unique designed mushroom map and real-time multiplayer cooperation, players need to jump to elud the cliff and other players' attack, collect mashroom to level up and get stronger, push up the trigger to scramble for wild props, etc.All those thrilling design and gameplay lead us to find the initial fun of mushroom game and make players around the world at the same time.

Basic Gameplay and fun

- Jump ! Jump ! Jump ! Became Jumping master and make miracle

- Collcet mushroom ! Fight after eating enough

- Thunderbolt spell,Transport witchcraft,Stealth cloak-Wild props gives you infinite possibility .

- Cliff , Turtle , Fire pillar , Base chest-Trap or opportunity

- Unique heroes and massive tactics-Push down enemy's crystal and win the game .

Game feature :

- Revisit Classic Mushroom Game - Jumping Master creatively combines the mushroom game and realtime competitive game.It is not a simple integration, but a innovative gameplay.The design of heroes,maps,wild props,traps are all fully coupled,which give you infinite combat tactice and fun .

- Unique Heroes & Skins - In the game , one can unlock and collect more than 30 distinct Heroes from all kinds of Comic, Legends, games, ect . The Thomas, Karina, Sun Wukong get together to satisfy your desire of collecting .

- Multiple Game Modes - There are many battle mode and race for players to practice and challenge.The Guardian mode-team up with 5 players to fight against opponents within 5 to 10 minutes;The Gems Grab mode-6 independent players get together to fight for gems and also for survival .

- Massive Tactics & Array - Every Hero has its unique skills based on the map and wild props.Make full use of lay of land, wild props and traps will have unexpected effect and amusing experience during the game.Massive tactics and battle array are for you to discover and try .

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