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( 2 Votes ) is a New Free 2 play, Action Shooter Multiplayer Game . is a fast-paced 'Free for All' online multiplayer third-person shooter . Jump in different arenas, defeat your opponents using a range of customizable weapons , and look good doing it with character customization and tons of unlockable gear .

Game Key Features :

- Fast-paced shooting action ; Run 'n gun, improve your score and rewards with killstreaks

- Three arena levels to play in ; Warehouse Warfare, Bar Room Brawl & Carpark Carnage

- Earn Kill Coins to unlock new Items ; Including weapons, hats, heads and costumes

- Earn XP for equipped gear ; Level items up to unlock new Skins and Mods

- Tons of Skins and Mods available for each Item, with more content coming soon ...

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