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Family Guy Online
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Family Guy Online is an 3D, Browser Based Action-Adventure MMO Game.

Family Guy Online is one of Fox's most successful animated TV shows and now has an interactive, playable online version materialized as a free to play MMO game. All you need is a browser with the awesome Unity Web Player installed, and a web connection of course. You can create a character, become a citizen of virtual Quahog, and play and interact with your friends and favourite show characters. In terms of graphics the game looks great being able to reproduce the atmosphere from the TV series, with the same name, in the smallest details.

Main character customization options are more advanced than in most browser games, you can even use a real picture for the character to look more like the real player.

The actual gameplay is heavely based on quests and from time to time the opportunity arives for you to beat cops or other NPC's.

Overall Family Guy Online is a true delight for the fans of TV shows and for the hardcore players it could be an interesting way to waste time in a hilarious, funny way.


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