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Edgeworld is a 2D (two dimension) City builder, Browser Based (BB) MMO Game featuring strategy and tactical combat in a sci-fi persistent world.

Edgeworld represents a step forward in strategy games, adding fully animated tactical combat, real time battles and alliances, despite being time-consuming, are really entertaining and fun to play.

The year is 2711, the unstable coalition of the Galactic Union has started to colonize the abandoned alien planet of Cerulea IV. The planet's inhabitants, the Ceruleans, mysteriously vanished. Without a common enemy, the Union splintered into warring factions. As a commander, you will build your base, assemble an army, and battle for resources, alien artifacts, and planetary dominance. In short this would be the story of Edgeworld.

The combat in Edgeworld really stands out, meaning that, now you can scout any base to check out to see what resources it has and how many military and defense forces have. Then you have the option to attack and you will be able to amass your own team of soldiers and deploy them where ever you deem strategically best. In conclusion is truly an engaging, new combat mode that worth checking it out.


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