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FlipFlop is a Free Android , New Arcade Mobile Game wheres best to avoid those brown spots .

Tired of FLIPPIN' ? Why not get to FLOPPIN' ? Better yet... do both . FLIP and FLOP your way up an oddly cube-shaped mountain in this vertigo-inducing adventure .

Become the G.O.A.T. and lead a bunch of misfit characters to the top .

Have FUN plotting your course up the mountain. These coins and TREASURES ain't gonna collect themselves . Maybe you think you've mastered all the SLICKEST flips and SMOOTHEST flops, but you haven't! Every level is different. And believe me... there be plenty .

Think FAST ! Danger lurks behind you. Better watch your... BUT don't worry, speed is your friend "Why?!" you ask . We don't know. You'll probably be fine. Relax... BUTT not too much. Best avoid those brown spots. Flip and flop till you get to the tippy tops .

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