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World of the Living Dead
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World of the Living Dead is an Browser Based, 2D free to play Google Maps based Zombie Survival MMO Game featuring survival strategy gameplay.

During the game " World of the Living Dead " you'll never gonna see a zombie in the sense that game did not have advanced graphics not even for a game standards in two dimensions (2D). All the action of game takes place, completely around the map interface, as players must visit certain locations in order to gain new party members, gather the very precious vital resources (food and fluids), pick up ammunition and wearpons.

Like any other MMO, players do not know what lies ahead of the fence until they check it out for themselves. The same could be said for the World of The Living Dead, as players will only be able to see locations like: gunshops, airports, hospitals, and other structures until their team is near it. The map of LA also prompts players about its zombie population through the density meter.

Survival phase in World of the Living Dead start early on, from the first contact with much too cryptic interface of the game and continue (in case you survived the vague malefic interface, in the first place) with the desperately search for resources. All the time you have the feeling that someone in the game will want to harm you and plans to send hordes of zombies to kill all members of your team of survivors, perhaps because the resources are found very rarely and the game, quickly becomes extremely frustrating.

Personally I can not recommend the game "World of the Living Dead" to a large number of players because they gonna be disappointed by the lack of decent graphics, but it could be interesting option for zombie movie fans.



0 #1 Rukkanor 2016-01-28 21:38
This game doesn't exist anymore!

Seams like you don't have the right authority to post, sorry...

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