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Gold Miner World Tour is a Free Android , New Arcade Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring more than 200 hand crafted levels , spread across 12 distinct areas .

Dig out and mine the biggest gold veins in a gold rush experience tour . Gold Miner World Tour has the gold miner classic gameplay you know and love and much more . Move your mine cart to the perfect position and launch your Claw at the right moment to dig out gold, gems, diamonds and even mysterious treasure chests . Watch out for boulders and TNT .

Open treasure chests to collect dozens of cards featuring cool gold digger characters like the Samurai Miner and Bat Miner, various types of mine carts, claws, ropes and even pets . Equip a full set of epic or legendary cards to activate awesome skills like Death Ray and Kame Blast to clear out pesky boulders! Bye bye dinky pickaxe . Gold Miner World Tour is an old school game for all school mining games fans .

Game Features :

- Play through more than 200 hand-crafted levels, spread across 12 distinct areas, each with unique obstacles and enemies

- Earn chests to unlock rewards, collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones

- Build and upgrade your card collection with your favorite miners, mine carts, claws, ropes and pets

- Construct your ultimate deck to conquer Story Mode and PvP

- Duel players from around the world in real-time .

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