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Super Brawl Universe
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Super Brawl Universe is a Free Android , New Action Mobile Multiplayer Game featuring iconic characters from Nickelodeon’s all-times .

Join iconic characters from Nickelodeon’s all-time, most popular shows to battle it out in the ultimate arcade action game . Unleash awesome super moves with your favorite Nick characters : SpongeBob , Invader Zim , Kid Danger , Danny Phantom , and lots more . Battle it out at the Krusty Krab , the Loud House , the Avatar Air Temple , and all the other incredible locations .


- Recruit new and nostalgic characters from Nickelodeon's catalog of animated shows

- Collect slime to upgrade your fighters into unbeatable brawlers

- Combine your favorite characters to make the ultimate dream team! Will it be SpongeBob, Avatar Aang, and one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Or will it be Korra, Lincoln Loud, and Arnold? You decide!

- New characters are added to the universe all the time


Battle your way through story mode and reach the top of the Super Brawl Tournament. Then, challenge your skills against other players with 1-on-1 Versus fights and epic 3-on-3 brawls. Climb the rankings against players from across the world!

The higher your rank, the more amazing your rewards . Earn rare characters to dominate the competition and build a winning Super Brawl team .

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