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My Little Pony Pocket Ponies
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My Little Pony Pocket Ponies is a Free Android , New Action & Adventure Mobile Game .

In this ridiculously fun arcade game , join TWILIGHT SPARKLE and your favorite MY LITTLE PONY™ characters at the School of Friendship ! As a new student, you are swept away in the first, awesome Pocket Pony Championship ! Face-off against masters, students and teachers in thrilling arcade challenges using the unique Pocket Ponies figurines . Collect them all to make your perfect team .


- AIM at barriers and walls to get balls bouncing everywhere !

- RELEASE your Pocket Ponies’ magic to defeat enemies in fast-paced arcade challenges !

- LEVEL UP to get multiple shots going at once for crazy popping action !

- COLLECT unique Pocket Ponies, such as the Cutie Mark Crusaders or the Mane Six. No two are the same !

- RANK high enough to take on our legendary Pocket Pony Masters: RAINBOW DASH, APPLEJACK or PINKIE PIE !

- EXPLORE the School of Friendship and meet a whole host of characters !

- UNLOCK new areas on campus as you complete challenges!

- PLAY as a student character from MY LITTLE PONY: Friendship is Magic!

- BONUS: Come back every day for your daily reward!

In this unique game , the angle of your shot is key to your offensive strategy ! Gamers of all ages will find this game crazy challenging to move up the ranks of this fast-paced entertaining action .

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