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Overkill the Dead Survival
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Overkill the Dead Survival is a Free Android , New Arcade Shooter Mobile Game featuring various game modes .

The zombie virus is spreading the whole world . The countdown of the dooms day hasstarted . As one of the survivors, you have no other choices but take up your gun and fight ! Guard your survival materials and kill zombies as many as possible until the assistance comes .

Game Features :

- Diversified weapons - As many as 16 weapons- submachine gun, rifle, sniper gun, close combat weapons. You can view the 3D weapons in the weapon page and select the gun you like to combat with zombies .

- Various game modes - Different scenes , street, alley, station and night ; different game modes- defense mode, elimination mode, snipe mode ; Different kinds of zombies- guards, nurses, fatties, zombie dogs .

- Rich rewards - Obtain game gift packs to survive in the siege of zombies. The longer your online time is, the richer the rewards .

- Easy to operate - Slide the screen to control the shooting direction and use the other hand to load bullets, use props and fire .

Come survive in the doomsday and enjoy the super exciting feeling of combat with zombies . Take up your gun and fight for your survival and future !

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